Enecta CBD

A committed brand

Specializing in CBD products for several years, it is now one of the most recognized brands in Europe. ENECTA is distinguished by its mastery in its transformation process; creating high-quality CBD oil and products requiring skills, procedures, and equipment fit for purpose.

The Enecta Mission

Convinced that CBD is an active ingredient with enormous therapeutic potential, ENECTA wants to make it accessible to everyone. They promote the right to health by offering high quality products at ethical prices throughout the year.

The Enecta commitments

Invest their resources in projects that promote well-being and social innovation.

100% natural and organic
GMO free
Products tested in laboratories
  • Enecta Crème anti-âge CBD
  • Enecta Crème hydratation CBD
  • Enecta Lotion de CBD pour…
  • Enecta Huile de CBD 5% po…

    ENECTA has been a producer of Italian CBD products for several years: it is one of the most recognized brands in Europe. ENECTA is one of the rare CBD producers to master its process from seed to finished product: ENECTA organic hemp fields are the basis for the CBD used in their products.

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