Our oils are essential.

It takes its name from the contraction of “Vera” which means “true” “sense”, the 5 senses.

Verasens is the unique alliance of phytotherapy and aromatherapy with cannabinoid-rich hemp extracts.

Verasens’ mission:

Revive your senses and contribute to your internal balance, thanks to essential oils that provide a soothing and relaxing effect, awakening your senses and awakening your well-being.

Verasens commitments:

To provide you with natural formulations, developed with respect for people and the environment thanks to ancestral French know-how with the flavors of Occitania.

French know-how
Environmentally friendly
0% THC
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  • Verasens Huile de CBD Eli…
  • Verasens Huile de CBD Ins…
  • Verasens Huile de CBD Déf…
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