The best of CBD for your animals

While CBD is mainly known for its many benefits on the human body, there are nevertheless positive effects also on animals. Effective on all mammals (and more particularly dogs, cats, horses and rodents), CBD is an active ingredient that can be useful on many levels.

The Wepet Mission:

To offer natural products that help improve the well-being, health and daily life of animals. Committed to animal welfare, WEPET develops health and comfort solutions for private animals but also for farm animals with manufacturers in the sector.

The Wepet Commitments:

WEPET is also part of a visionary approach by offering an alternative to classic allopathic treatments but also an ecological boost for the planet by promoting the cultivation of hemp, a plant capable of capturing twice as much CO2 as a tree.

Products analyzed and certified in an independent laboratory
100% natural ingredients to preserve their health
0% THC – Contains no traces
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