Can you sell CBD (Cannabidiol) in France?

Many of you, before you start, ask us if the law clearly authorizes the sale of CBD in France. The HexaPartners team answers them in this article.

Yes, CBD is legal in France

In France, CBD is authorized by law (which was confirmed by the recent judgment in the Kannavape case via the European Court of Justice), from the moment it comes from industrial hemp, and particularly from seeds authorized by the French catalog of hemp seeds.

Thus, this CBD product, to be sold in France, must come from varieties of hemp recognized and authorized by France.

In addition, it must in no case contain traces of THC: this cannabinoid is prohibited by French law, because it has psychotropic effects.

All the products that you will find on HexaPartners are 100% legal to be distributed in France and in Europe. To verify this, nothing could be simpler: they all come with an analysis of cannabinoids proving their content.

No, you cannot sell just any CBD product in France

Indeed, as you understood above, it is not possible to distribute, in France, products containing THC, or which come from hemp seed not tolerated by French law.

Find the articles of law linked below: -05-22 /

What online payments allow the sale of a CBD product?

Among the most famous online payments, such as Paypal or Stripe, none of them accept transactions for CBD products on European soil: after opening your account, it is blocked, and the funds are sometimes not returned.

However, there are some online payment companies, French or European, that accept transactions for CBD products on their e-commerce store. If you are looking for an online payment method to launch your CBD store, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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