CBD Wholesale

HexaPartners works with hundreds of companies across the world in 32 different countries. The best European CBD brands can be shipped in 3 to 4 open days without minimum quantities.

A large variety of products

We have selected the best European brands for you to chose from.

The best distribution price

Benefit from the best prices for professionals without a required minimum quantity.

A speedy shipping

After being processed, your order will be shipped within 3 to 4 days thanks to DPD.

The best CBD products

With Hexapartners, you can finally benefit from the services of a quality CBD wholesaler, and get the best hemp and CBD products for a very competitive price. Our distribution solution for professionals is the best in the European market!
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All CBD products on the market available at wholesale prices

The CBD market is booming today, as its beneficial effects on the body are increasingly recognised by the medical world.

If you are a sales or e-commerce professional, and you are used to reselling organic CBD products, Hexapartners offers you a wide range of cannabidiol-based products that comply with the THC regulations: different varieties of CBD flowers, CBD oil, cbd or cbg capsules, e-liquids, cosmetics… All the products you need are directly available in our online catalogue, and exclusively accessible to sales or e-commerce companies! Because it is important to build trust with our customers, the official distribution prices of our partner brands are also displayed on our site.

Discover the best cannabidiol and European hemp brands via our online shop, and be sure to resell high-quality organic CBD products to your customers! In addition to our many special offers, all of our products are sold at wholesale prices and with no minimum purchase requirement: this means that you will be able to take advantage of Europe’s best suppliers at very low prices, even for bulk purchases!

All the latest products on the cbd market are available in our catalogue as soon as they are released, so that our customers can always stay on top of the latest developments!

A single supplier for several quality brands

Many CBD and hemp sales professionals are now looking for a single wholesaler to supply them. In order to meet this growing demand, Hexapartners would like to offer them the benefit of its multiple collaborations with several European CBD companies, and allow them to save a lot of time and money.

Not only do our customers benefit from wholesale prices on high quality products, but they also have the assurance of ultra-fast delivery, as their order is shipped and delivered in less than 24 hours! Hexapartners guarantees you a single contact person for the follow-up of your purchases, so that you can save as much time as possible. And even if you decide to buy from several brands in our shop, you will receive only one invoice, which will make your bookkeeping much easier!

As part of our commitment to working in a climate of trust with our customers, we will refund any damaged or faulty products delivered.

CBD Wholesale

We offer you the best supply solution in the European market.

24h/7d Reachability

Our team is availiable every day, and any time you might need us.

Official Prices Displayed

All the price that we display on our site are the official distribution prices of the brands.

A guarantee of reimbursement

If you receive damaged or defective goods, we vow to immediately replace them or reimburse you.

Access to the latest products

Thanks to our reactive ream, all the newest products of each brands are made available on their launch date.

Fast shipping

After being processed, your order will be shipped within the next 3 to 4 days

Respect of the environment

Using one supplier for multiple brands can reduce your businesses carbon footprint due to the lower number of individual shipping.

Our CBD products

Discover our selection of quality CBD products…


ISO 9001

What Our Customers Have to Say About Our Service

“Orders on HexaPartners are very simple and fast: a single supplier, several brands.”
Francis L. From Amsterdam
“I can make quick and regular replenishments, and put the products in store the day after my order.”
Samantha C. From Berlin
“Super practical to be able to have a single package with all the brands you need, and especially a single invoice!”
Rebecca O. From Amsterdam
“I can no longer do without a supply method for my store: fast, convenient, and inexpensive!”
Elise D. From Brussels

Create your account to access our shop for professionals

Our sales team will be able to offer you a solution adapted to your needs, in the shortest possible time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get access to the catalogue for professionals ?
All you have to do is create your account directly on our platform. For any specific or tailor-made request, please contact us, our team will answer you as soon as possible.
Is there a minimum quantity order for each brand ?
You can order any quantity that suits you. This applies to all brands and products. We guarantee no minimal quantity order in position, regardless of the brand selected.
How fast and secure is the delivery ?

Our delivery is done through DPD, you will receive your order within the next 3 to 4 days after sending it to us. We always seek to be as reactive as possible and adapt it to your need

How can I pay ?
We have a secure online payment system. You can pay directly with your credit/debit card. However, if you prefer, you can also do transfer.
Can I use different HexaPartners solutions at the same time ?
Of course, you can use a multitude of HexaPartners services: drop-shipping, wholesale, white label… Reach out to our commercial team that will be able to help you out.
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